The impact of Alpha Talen

For tranlsations, please turn to LinQuake, as Alpha Talen ceased to do translations as of 1. December 2016. www.linquake.nl, phone 0138-505977 or send an e-mail to info@linquake.nl. It is now their aim to pair you with your own dedicated translator, interpreter and lecturer. They are practically all native speakers with many years of experience in relaying information at a wide range of levels.


Business language courses

Do you want to improve your business English, Dutch (NT2), French or German? Alpha Talen has organized many different language courses for companies and their employees throughout the Netherlands, for more than 25 years.


Alpha Talen produced professional translations in all global languages with an eye for cultural differences, standards and users. As Linquake has taken over our translation agency, please turn to them. Not only for professional translations; they also arrange sworn translations in a wide range of language combinations.

Interpreting services

During international conferences, negotiations, corporate visits or legal proceedings, an interpreter is the vital link in creating clarity and preventing misunderstandings. Now done by LinQuake. 


Do you need a copywriter? This particular expertise is part of the range of services offered by Alpha Talen.