The impact of Alpha Talen

Our clients can count on us: Alpha Talen is a flexible  and easily accessible language institute with an experience of more than 25 years.  Our teachers are practically all native speakers with extensive knowledge of effectively relying information in the target language.

Business language courses

Would you like to improve your Dutch (NT2), business English, French or German? Alpha Talen has been organising language courses for companies and their employees throughout the Netherlands for more than 25 years.

Advice for teachers of Dutch

For more than a quarter of century, Alpha Talen has had experience with organizing Dutch language courses. We can give you independent advice about the ideal method of operation. What exactly is the participant's goal? Integration or State examination? We know all the relevant methods. Furthermore, we can do your intakes for you.

Dutch course material

Jenneke de Nerée, owner of Alpha Talen en teacher NT2 developed course material. Games to practice grammar and vocabulary in a different way: Het Grote Spellenboek voor anderstaligen published by Van Dorp Educatief. Please click here for an example Spel3_bingokaarten Spel3_bingokaarten or for orders http://www.vandorp.net/titel.asp?id=386.

Translations and Interpreting services

As of December 2016 translation agency Linquake has taken over our translation business  and interpreting services. Please check LinQuake or e mail: info@linquake.nl