Why should I choose Alpha Talen?

Alpha Talen has years of experience in organising many different language courses for companies and their employees throughout the Netherlands; for more than a quarter of century, to be exact. Possibilities range from business English, French or German to Dutch as a second language (NT2) (writing, spelling and grammar).This thourough experience make us an experienced player in the field, as well in teaching as in advising teachers of Dutch.

What is it that distinguishes Alpha Talen from the rest?

Alpha Talen distinguishes itself from other agencies by its small scale. We know exactly who our clients are; therefor we always try to work with the same teachers for our clients. This enlarges the quality and continuity of the collaboration. Alpha Talen’s strenght lies in the teachers themselves: nearly all of them are native speakers, experienced in transferring knowlegde at all levels.

What languages does Alpha teach?

We teach many different languages, but most common are Dutch as a second language, English, German and French.

Which companies does Alpha Talen work with?

Alpha Talen teaches languages in many different companies. The range of our portfolio includes websites, notarial deeds, legal texts, press releases, brochures, technical reports and Building contract documents. Alpha Talen has specialists in all these fields of expertise. Some of the companies we have worked with are: the European Marketing Group, DB Schenker, Plantarium, Amvest, Sarda, etc. We offer(ed) language courses for Akzo Nobel, British Telecom, ING en Multi Vastgoed.

What kind of language courses are on offer at Alpha Talen?

At Alpha Talen we offer language courses in all the common languages and at all levels, from beginner to advanced student. Courses leading to the national NT2 examinations are also available. Please check this page for more information.

How long are the language courses?

We do provide some intensive, short duration courses, but extended courses with weekly classes are more usual. We use evaluations to measure the satisfaction of participants with the course and the lecturer.

I would like to stay informed about the activities of Alpha Talen.

Alpha Talen regulary sends out newsletters. You can subscribe on the website in order to receive them. Also, you can follow Alpha Talen on Twitter and Facebook (see below on this page).

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